300 + xiv pages, 9 b&w illustrations, contents, preface. Biography. $25.95 Hardcover. ISBN 9780943972879  “Undersized, under educated and undaunted—Yvon Chouinard was an original hippie pursuing ‘objective dangers’. Flirting with natural forces of calamity was ambrosia, staring death in the eye on hellish mountains, lethal surf and uncharted rivers—surviving the longest fall ever recorded and a killer Himalayan avalanche. His innovations have saved countless lives. Few know how his wife Malinda converted his tinkering into Patagonia Clothing Company as well as an environmental force.” The author, William Stratton, was his only neighbor, and for almost 15 years the two shared waves and mountains in mutual determination to not let work interfere with life. Chouinard's wife, Malinda, goaded the author into writing this biography, convinced that no one knew Yvon better.
$ 25.95