BEAUREGART THE BEAR *Moonbeam Award Winner*

*Moonbeam Award* Winner for best Children's book, 2009. 64 pp.; 7x9 inches; 64 full color illustrations by artist, Robert Rath; Hardcover. BEAUREGART THE BEAR is a fictional story combining factual information on bear habit and habitat with the difficult journey of overcoming a disability. Little Beau is born with a challenge but he decides that his future is a matter of choice, and he must put aside self-pity if he is to be strong and survive. Beau's journey progresses from birth in the den to successfully living on his own. The reader will be captivated every step of the way with a predator encounter, to Beau's success at catching fish and finding an intuitive new way to make a den for winter hibernation. This story explains how any obstacle, be it physical, economic or emotion, can be overcome with a positive attitude and can lead to a rich and rewarding life. Teacher's study packet is available upon request. $12.95

$ 12.95