Indian Tipi. Its History, Construction, and Use, The

208 pp. Blue cloth with silver and black imprint. Dust jacket with slight chipping on top and tear on back, otherwise intact. Very Good+ Condition. CONTENTS: Foreword, by Stanley Vestal; Acknowledgements; The History of the Tipi, By Stanley Vestal; Utility and Beauty; The Sioux Tipi: Poles, Materials, Cover; Pitching the Tipi; Living In the Tipi: Linings; Furnishings; Dedicating the Lodge; Cooking; Fire and Fuel; Tipi Etiquette; Year-Round Camping; The Sweat Lodge; Other Types of Tipis; Hide Tipis; Tribal Types; The Cheyenne Tipi; The Crow Tipi; The Blackfoot Tipi; The Yakima Tipi; Old Photographs; Children's Tipis; Chief's Tipi' Warrior Society Tipis; The Council Lodge; Burial Lodge; Memorial Tipis; Medicine Tipis; Symbolism of Sioux and Cheyenne Tipi Designs; Painting the Tipi; Transportation; Camp Circles; Modern Indian Camps; Visitors; Bibliography; Index. University of Oklahoma Press, 1957. Fifth Printing.

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