A GOOSE TALE: Gwen & Gabe's Journey

64 pp.; 7x9 inches; 64 full color illustrations by artist, Robert Rath; Hardcover. A GOOSE TALE is a fictional story presenting factual information of a year in the life of two Canada geese, focusing on the fascinating natural instinct of annual migration. The tale begins in Canada, in the spring of the year, where Gwen and Gabe become mates for life, and it progresses through the highs and lows of successfully raising five goslings to maturity. The reader will be enthralled by the factual information on goose habit and habitat as the fictional story progresses through nest building, predators, seasons and landscapes to a successful return to Canada the following year. The book intertwines the human social message of empathy, forgiveness and resilience as it explains the challenging and exciting circumstances that occur in the life of waterfowl. The story also describes how opening one's heart to someone that maybe very different can lead to finding common bonds that build lasting friendships. Teacher's study packet is available upon request. $12.95

$ 12.95