A Boy’s Summer: Fathers and Sons Together (signed)

204 pp. Illus. Hardcover. Green, white, black and yellow print wrap. No dust jacket issued. Gerry Spence, father to six, grandfather to ten, is a man who knows intimately the joys of fatherhood and who writes beautifully and lyrically about how fatherhood allows a man to rediscover the boy within himself. This is a man who truly understands boys and how boys grow up to become men. Boys grow up by imitating their father—if, that is, the father spends enough time with his son. A Boy's Summer is a a book of short essays describing activities, adventures, and experiments that fathers and sons can do together, which take anywhere from an hour to an afternoon to a weekend—time that a father and son can spend together to discover themselves and the world around them. Mint condition. St. Martin’s, 2000. First Edition. Signed. $29.

$ 29.00